Sunday, November 28, 2010

My Family's Thanksgiving

As with every year, we went down to Duck for the long holiday weekend. As also per usual, Ms. Peggy came as a babysitter and all of the adults went out to dinner. What was not usual is that my Godfather, Uncle Eliot joined us for the weekend and the meal. I think that he enjoyed it, I know that I did. We actually made our own TG meal on Friday, Daddy cooked a Turducken, and Aunt Beth cooked the rest. It was all very good, inspired really, glad that we have lots of leftovers.

My Brother's Newly Mobile Fall

As you can see, it's fall around the Vetrovec household. The latter picture shows Baby Whit as he is helping M&D clean up Meme's yard in exchange for some babysitting. The first picture is BW demonstrating his newly found mobility, albeit backwards. He tends to end up underneath things with his head sticking out. At least he's easier to retrieve in that fashion. He's not usually happy about it.

My Inappropriate Brother

I've been compiling this file on him for a bit over a month now. In that time period, he's proven that he is delightfully tacky, yet unrefined, by going to Hooters twice including flirting with the waitress one time. Also, he was immediately drawn to one of Daddy's big boy magazines that he found on the bathroom floor. For shame BW, that's Tara Reid, you can do better than that.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My Pumpkin Patch

Well, disingenuous as per usual, it's actually not my pumpkin patch, but rather that of Daddy's partner Jim in Caroline County. We took the cousins and arrived just as the hayride was taking off. It was not my first, although I must say I was not terrified of it as I was this time last year. It was Baby Whit's first time, but he handled it pretty well, just sat in Daddy's lap for most of it. They had a deal going on for $20 for 50 lbs of pumpkin. Seemed too good to pass up, so I just kept going back to the field for more. Apparently 3 pumpkins and 2 gourds can add up to 50 lbs pretty quick. Needless to say, we came home with quite a haul, so did EmmyChar. We're letting them season on our front porch for the time being, but M&D say that soon we will carve them and roast the seeds. Exciting times. I'll be sure to post a picture of that. Also, I have pictures of last weekend with the cousins, but I'll have to post them later, Google is telling me that image uploads are currently disabled for maintenance. What do you get for free these days?

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My Tubby Brother Time

Well, it wasn't in the tubby ducky, but for the first time, M&D asked if Baby Whit and I wanted to take a tubby together. We both thought that was a grand idea. Daddy filled up the tubby with water and bubbles and away we went. I had a great time, Baby Whit kept slipping on the slippery tub and falling over, Daddy had to be quick on the draw to keep him above water. But as you can see from our happy smiles, it all worked out and we had a nice time.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

My Brother's Baptism

Please pardon the extremely goofy picture of Daddy, it was taken with his phone by Big G who is normally a great photog, but must have been thrown off his game dealing with a phone with 4 megapixels versus the 40 that Big G's camera has. Anyway, just like me a couple of years ago, Pastor Pat baptized Baby Whit this morning to a congregation at Centenary that was made up of at least 10% of our family and friends. Afterwards, we had a lot of people over to our house for soup, fellowship and cocktails, mmmm! I'm glad to know that Baby Whit had no chance at limbo at this point.

My Daddy's Relay and my Ayla Rhoadsie

I'm pretty sure that I have mentioned my Daddy's relay that he does every year, but if not let me recap. Every year Daddy engages in a crazy 211 mile running relay that begins in southwest Virginia, and finishes in Asheville, NC. Per the website, it gains and loses a total of more than 36000 feet of elevation in the interim. If you hadn't guessed it yet, I think that my Daddy is crazy. On the plus side of crazy however is that Asheville resides an equidistant 6 hours driving time from Richmond and Cincinnati. Thus ensuring that our friends the Rhoadses will come see us. We had a ball in the mountains with my friend Ayla. I hear that M&D had a pretty good time with her parents Dan and Marni after Baby Whit and I went to bed. We're already making plans for a reprise on Memorial Day weekend, looking forward to it.